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ACT - The mindfulness-based programme for more clarity, confidence and connection

Creating space for development and leadership

Learn how to lead yourself and others mindfully, becoming happier, healthier, more content and more motivated in your life and work.

Everyone is striving for inner strength, effectiveness and a sense of belonging. These form the basis for a happy and meaningful life. To get there, we need space to unlock our potential and find fulfilment. But in a world where certainty seems to be in decline, this is becoming more difficult.

Our programme helps people deal confidently with the challenges of the modern world of work – a world characterised by ever-faster change, uncertainty, conflicts of interest, unclear frameworks and increasing complexity.

More and more frequently, these factors have a negative impact on performance, productivity, health and motivation.

And this has huge consequences for companies, as groups of people striving for common goals. Global trends and their effects on individuals have increasingly negative repercussions on the culture of organisations, and often also on their competitiveness.

In the ACT programme, you’ll find out how mindful awareness can help you make better decisions and be more confident in your actions.

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Overview of the ACT programme

Frau mit Schirm

The ACT programme comprises

  • A two-day workshop
  • Twelve weeks of implementing what you’ve learned, together with a learning partner
  • Individual follow-up option on request

The ACT principle

In our daily lives, we are constantly driven by a great number of events, requirements and expectations. Not only are our individual needs neglected, but we also fail to perceive all possible courses of action.

A seemingly old concept opens up new possibilities, while offering responses to the many challenges of the modern world. Learn what mindfulness means and how it can help you increase your perception and decision-making abilities.

And finally, mindfulness leads to noticeable improvements in areas such as communication, motivation, wellbeing, agility and resilience. It creates a framework for people to grow and develop from the inside out, so they can shape the future clearly and calmly, even in challenging situations.

Meaningful action based on holistic awareness and good decisions. The ACT principle creates clarity: Only comprehensive Awareness of a situation opens up more paths to Choose and meaningful ways to Take action.


Our main focus is on practice-oriented dialog with participants and practising mindfulness techniques for dealing with yourself and others. We use and offer the following in particular:

  • Knowledge transfer using various media
  • Time for discussion and questions
  • Checklists and worksheets
  • Easy perception exercises (e.g. body scan)
  • Practice in various types of meditation, depending on the goal (e.g. improved concentration)
  • Journaling (e.g. to identify thought patterns)
  • Group and pair work (e.g. on various aspects of mindful communication)

Levels of influence

Understanding and guiding yourself

To make the right decisions and take the right actions, we look for certainty. But that doesn't usually exist. In the end, the way to gain most certainty is by getting to grips with ourselves – and understanding what’s happening inside. Why do we react to certain things or situations? What’s happening inside us – emotionally, mentally, and at the physical level? What does that mean for our behaviour and our motivation? In the ACT programme, you’ll learn to be aware of yourself at all levels and to understand what drives you or holds you back. And how you can apply these insights in a meaningful way..

Understanding others and working together

People are social beings who strive to interact in a positive manner. This means having complementary values and goals, as well as an open, respectful and supportive approach to each other. And the group – or whole organisation – can only be successful in the long term when its actions take place within such a framework. We’ll use practical examples to show how mindful communication, improved knowledge of human nature and a more finely tuned antenna can have a positive impact on how people interact with each other.

Our environment exerts a strong influence and can hardly be changed

As thinking people, we perceive our environment in a particular way. We often struggle when the world isn’t the way we’d like it to be. Or we wear ourselves down, trying unsuccessfully to change the world around us. But how about if we were better at accepting what we can’t change? And if we had better ways to handle stressful things? How much energy would be released for other activities, and how much potential for happiness would be unlocked?

This is where the ACT programme comes into play, giving you a firm foundation so you can be relaxed and confident as you deal with the modern world.

We also help companies set up long-term mindfulness strategies in their organisation – taking into account their needs, requirements and company culture.

We’ll be glad to answer your questions on the programme and our other formats.

Feel free to get in touch.

Program Leaders

Gabriele Andler

Gabriele Andler

Gabriele Andler is the founder of "JAZUYOGA - Institute for Yoga and Mindfulness". In addition to teaching yoga, she works internationally as a coach, trainer and author.

She has been intensively involved in yoga, mindfulness and journaling for over 20 years. In her courses and books, she shares with almost tangible joy how we can rediscover our physical, emotional and mental balance and shape our lives with more ease.

Gabriele has been teaching mindfulness-based programs in companies since 2014 and is familiar with the challenges of our fast-paced times. Her 24 years as a consulting manager at SAP taught her how valuable yoga and mindfulness are for both self-management and team leadership.

Her mission is to help people find balance and give them methods to maintain it, even in stormy times.

For me, Gabriele is an inspiring person who understands how to connect with participants on an emotional level and get them excited about mindfulness.

— Engagement Manager SAP Custom Development

Holger Bartlick

Holger Bartlick

Holger has broad experience in supporting professionals and managers in change situations. He also trains career coaches and BGM consultants. His practice-oriented knowledge is based primarily on his own professional experience as a managing director, as well as a team and project leader in various industries.

For more than 18 years he has been coaching, training and consulting on topics such as motivation and leadership, mindfulness, health management, self- and stress management, resilience, career and dealing with demographic change.

At the core, he is always concerned with empowering people and companies to successfully shape development.

What I particularly like is the respect, authenticity and enthusiasm with which you share your knowledge and experience

— A German Telekom participant, talking to Holger Bartlick